Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful woman before I post her IML story Wednesday.

One of the most exciting things about running my own business is having other small and local businesses reach out to me. It’s taken a lot of work and prayer (and sometimes tears!!!) to be in this place where IML is being noticed by like-minded individuals in the San Antonio/Austin area. It’s so exciting!

Rachelle, owner of Amiche, reached out to me about a month and a half ago by sending me two beautiful bracelets from her collection along with a message about her mission.

As you’ll read on Wednesday, Rachelle found herself craving that female friendship that we all start to lose as we enter a new phase in our lives. Can you remember a time when competition seemed to find its way into every female relationship, whether in school or work or anywhere? I know I’ve faced this.

Rachelle decided to do something about it. She founded Amiche to support and encourage friendships between women. At Amiche, you can buy the most stunning handmade jewelry. Each piece has its own story and name, making it that much more personal of a gift. Women are encouraged to buy these gifts for a friend. It’s a simple thing, but MAN it can make an impact!

Now that I’ve introduced this amazing company, I would also like to fill you in on an awesome giveaway they are having for the month of June!!


For the whole month of June, Amiche is hosting their first Girlfriend Giveaway

[GiGi for short]! They are looking for like-minded women who believe in this message and want to help in their mission! Amiche’s goal is to get at least 1,500 women signed up to the Amiche network by July 1, where they can share stories of female friendships, highlight women in our community, share new products and other news! For every woman that signs up, she will get her name in the drawing to win a basket full of Amiche product. We are talking limited edition pieces, items that have never sold before and new pieces too! The basket will include several bracelets, new earrings and necklaces! 

Every time a woman gets others to sign up using her personal link she will get her name in the drawing again and again!

(My link is here: https://wls.io/rb1z1em !!!)

“We are so excited about GiGi and we are hoping to partner with all of the women who have supported us and helped us grow to what we are today. We have a journey ahead of us in fulfilling our vision as a lifestyle brand, and now more than ever we need YOUR participation!” – Rachelle


I hope you all look forward to reading Rachelle’s story on Wednesday and showing some support to this wonderful cause!