About I Made Lemonade

We all know of famous brands in clothing, electronics, or accessories. We have come to love what each brand produces, but have you ever asked yourself what a particular brand actually is? What they stand for? Sure, we know what they produce and what audience they target; but very few brands have a story behind them.

The vision for I Made Lemonade is to be a brand built on the real life stories of people who have made the best out of every situation – made lemonade out of lemons. That way whenever anyone sees the IML (I Made Lemonade) logo, they know that that product or that event is backed by not just a business or company but by every single I Made Lemonade story shared on this website. Better yet, anyone who sees this logo will remember to keep going and keep pushing and strive to make lemonade out of their own personal lemons. What a cool message to spread!

This company is just getting started, yet doors have opened and are opening for this brand to spread into different industries. I don’t want to limit us, and we are being careful to make sensible decisions in this time of growth.

The most important thing is to spread the IML message to anyone who will listen. We will soon have T-shirts and bumper stickers available for purchase so anyone can wear this message out and about. My hope is that this will be the start of something new (cue High School Musical). I’m not afraid to dream big if I know I have you all rooting for this! You are all awesome.

Every Wednesday, we showcase an I-made-lemonade story from a guest writer. We will also post IML stories written from people who are experiencing great and wonderful IML things while traveling the world. Please, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get any updates. If you are interested in submitting a piece for the blog, follow the link here. Also, if you have any ideas or would like to discuss partnership opportunities, email me at allysse@imadelemonade.com.

Welcome to I Made Lemonade!

~Allysse Shank