I love listening to the feedback from all of the wonderful people who spend their precious time reading I Made Lemonade posts. That being said, several people have expressed their desire to share their story but have also expressed their fear of writing. It is important to me to address this subject because it’s one [...]

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Sphincter Says What – Says the Herald

by Will S. “Sphincter says what.” “What?” “Sphincter says what.” “What, son?” “Sphincter says what.” This was the nonsense I heard over the security monitoring system while I was in my office.  I’m sure you recognize the statement being made by this ornery, disrespectful little ten-year-old boy.  It’s the famous line from “Wayne’s World”.  To [...]

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Baby Happy

by Amy H. This is my "Happy" story about God's faithfulness to bring beauty out of brokenness. In 2010 at 28 yrs old, I began praying to have another baby, which previously I had never desired. I had two children already, who at the time were 9 and 7. I had been married 9 years [...]

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Letters to the IML Believers – Family

I have been given a huge family who is constantly showing me support no matter where I am in life. For this post, I’d like to mention a few key moments that have stood out to me in regards to IML. I want to share these moments to publicly thank the individuals who have given such great memories, but I also want to share these moments so that you, as a reader of this post, can be strengthened and inspired to reach out and keep the bonds with those you consider family. Maybe there is someone in your family who needs your support. Maybe you are the person who just wants to know your family has your back.

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