Letters to the IML Believers – Friends

When you first have an idea, it becomes more real every time you tell someone about it. You begin to hang on every gaze and smile and confused expression to gage your potential success. IML probably would have never begun if the negative reactions outweighed the positive. However, I have the best support team in the world! I’m going to use this post to thank my dearest friends who are such a huge piece of that support team.

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Letters to the IML Believers – M7 Web Studios

This month I am writing a brief series not the people who have made IML possible. This week, I'm bragging about M7 Web Studios. Every time I pull up my website, I start smiling. Anyone who has had a dream and saw it come to reality is familiar with the feeling.

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Letters to the IML Believers – Noah

He hasn’t stop talking since the day he first spoke. I remember being a kid and our grandma would make us play the quiet game. Whoever could stay quietest the longest won a quarter (um…ya!!!). I’m pretty sure Noah never lasted more than 15 seconds. Ever. That’s one of the things I love about him, though. He is straight up FEARLESS.

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Everyone, Meet my Mom

This week, I have the privilege of sharing one of my favorite stories. My mom, Natasha, asked if I could pen one of her many I Made Lemonade moments. If anyone has met my mother, you know that she is pretty much always smiling. She’s just always had this way of distancing herself from all [...]

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No Perfect Recipe

Last night, I could hear the cold front rolling into town as I lay down for bed. I thought of how warm and comfortable I was in my tiny (but super cute!) little room. To the right of my bed and below my window, I have a white board full of jobs I've applied to, [...]

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Accept And Admit When You Are Broken, So That You Can Live Your Best Life

By Maria Juliet Rose Nabatanzi And now we’re here in this beautiful place. Are we really here or is this just a dream!?” Every other creative idea was blocked from my mind, except for these dominate emotions claiming their territory, and fighting for their release.

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8 Ways to Make Lemonade While Living Abroad

by Heather O. People always talk about the exotic photos and their envy of the life I lead while living abroad in Spain. And honestly, there is so much to rave about. The trips to Lisbon, Salamanca, Segovia, Madrid, Santander, Granada, Budapest, Istanbul, La Manga, Murcia and more just last year alone with many more [...]

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