Traveling Lemons

The “Traveling Lemons” idea was spawned from a deep passion of traveling that I have had since I studied abroad while in college. Traveling, especially when you’re doing it on your own, is full of I-Made-Lemonade moments. Sometimes, just to even be able to make a trip is how a person chooses to make lemonade out of an unpleasant situation or time in their life. Most people who have the opportunity to travel, love documenting those travels. (I mean, come one, there are traveling blogs everywhere!!) For those of you who haven’t traveled, there’s one bummer about keeping a blog or journal while away: They just sit there when you’ve returned! I remember trying to keep a blog while in Europe. 1) it was hard 2) I haven’t even looked at it once since my final post. I want I Made Lemonade to be a platform to those traveling I-Made-Lemonade stories. Many of our writers have chosen to actually document their travels through IML. And guess what! When these writers are finished with their travels, their intimate, thrilling, and uplifting stories will remain right here for you to get jealous over, time and time again.

8 Ways to Make Lemonade While Living Abroad

by Heather O. People always talk about the exotic photos and their envy of the life I lead while living abroad in Spain. And honestly, there is so much to rave about. The trips to Lisbon, Salamanca, Segovia, Madrid, Santander, Granada, Budapest, Istanbul, La Manga, Murcia and more just last year alone with many more [...]

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Is There Lemonade in Napal?

Written by Heather R. Have you ever stroked a globe? If you like to rub the ridges of the Himalayas, then your finger is on top of Nepal-home of breath-taking summits, diverse terrain, friendly people and rich history.  Nestled in between China and India, the two largest economic powerhouses of Asia, Nepal’s recognition has been [...]

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