by Amy H.

This is my “Happy” story about God’s faithfulness to bring beauty out of brokenness. In 2010 at 28 yrs old, I began praying to have another baby, which previously I had never desired. I had two children already, who at the time were 9 and 7. I had been married 9 years to a loving and caring man. We were a pretty average family; ups and downs, good times and bad, but together through all of it.

Around that time, as I was reading in Deuteronomy 33:24 – 25, I came upon the name Asher and the blessing ascribed to that tribe of Israel. In passing, I thought that would be a name I would pick if I ever have a boy again. (It’s a beautiful blessing, I encourage anyone to look it up). Fast forward to 2014, and I had generally given up that God had another baby planned and had accepted it.

However, in March I learned we were in fact pregnant finally! Unfortunately, though details are not necessary, through many trials and attempts to keep it from happening, my marriage was ending. It was devastating to me and my children. I can’t fully express the range of emotions I experienced during that pregnancy. Mostly joy and gratitude, but times of great sorrow and fear as well. Even the nagging “why” question of the timing. But God is good and does all things well. I trusted in God’s plan, not my circumstances.

My son and daughter were elated at the news as were my friends and family. I was surrounded with love and support like I had never experienced before.I knew in my heart from the beginning that God was giving me the boy I had prayed for so long, his name given to me many years before. At my 20 wk appointment it was confirmed (Technically, I knew at 17 weeks after an unofficial, hour long sonogram by someone who shall remain unnamed, but she knows who she is)!

Literally translated, the name Asher means happy. Some translations say blessed or fortunate. He was loved from the womb with an everlasting love by so many,and has brought such joy and happiness to me and my family. Asher is proof of God’s love and faithfulness regardless of any circumstances. God’s timing is always perfect, for he knows our needs before we do. He gave me the name “happy” long before I had any idea of how deep the meaning of it would be. I am, despite any storm I faced, blessed, fortunate and happy.