When you have an idea, it starts out like an infant. It needs constant love and affection and attention and care.

When you first have an idea, it becomes more real every time you tell someone about it. You begin to hang on every gaze and smile and confused expression to gage your potential success.

IML probably would have never begun if the negative reactions outweighed the positive. However, I have the best support team in the world! I’m going to use this post to thank my dearest friends who are such a huge piece of that support team.

To Courtney B. for encouraging me to take this all the way because you believe I’m good enough to make it happen.

To Nicole B. for texting out of the blue one day just to tell me how excited you were for me. Your timing is always impeccable.

To Taylor M. for getting excited over every little detail all the time.

To Alexandra U. for spreading the word about IML like wildfire.

To Jaime O. for being endless support and a shoulder to cry on.

To Angel R. for using #all #the #hashtags before there was ever any website or stories and just a dream.

To Rhiannon C. for being my sounding board when everything was still unraveling.

To Jared H. for offering your mad skills in designing my logo.

To Tamyra S. for inviting me to speak at your event and believing in the message.

To David M. for pushing me and making me feel empowered.

To Ryan G. for all the advice and allowing me to see that IML is a gift to me.

To Crystal S. for throwing around ideas of lemonade events and parties.

To Emi S. for being my startup buddy.

To Venissa M. for sending me pictures of anything yellow! It always brightens my day.

To everyone in my IML focus group who helped and still help me form ideas. You have no idea how valuable that is to me.

Instagram followers for being there. For choosing to see my pictures alongside celebrities. For validating my cause. For every like and every comment.

To all my friends who point and smile every time I have a yellow purse or jacket, thank you for noticing.

You all make this so fun and so easy to love.

Thank you