This month I am writing a brief series on the people who have made IML possible. This week, I’m bragging about M7 Web Studios.

Every time I pull up my website, I start smiling. Anyone who has had a dream and saw it come to reality is familiar with the feeling. For so long, everything is inside your mind. You start to wonder what is even possible. You start to doubt your design. For me, I was afraid to get my hopes up because I knew which “look” and “style” I wanted for my website, but I was sure that no one would be able to fully capture my vision.

I started speaking with M7 Web Studios about 6 months before IML went live. FYI I am the worst at making decisions! (PS I’d like to think I’m getting better.) M7 was patient with me and entertained every suggestion I had. Now, I have a this beautiful website I am PROUD to show off.

There are moments when someone will ask me what I do, and I get to tell them about I Made Lemonade. They will then start typing in the domain name, and I start smiling because I know they’re about to see exactly what I want them to see. They’ll see bright, happy colors and a simple, clean layout. It’s all I could have asked for to get IML started on the right foot.

Besides everything M7 Web Studios has done for me, it holds a special place in my heart. I met the founder of M7, Adam Moehrig, when I was a child. He has always been a key part of my support system. It amazes me that our friendship has led to something like this. Had he not believed in me and had he not been just as excited about IML as I was, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to step forward with this project. Now, I get to continue working with him while this website grows.

Thank you, M7 Web Studios, for believing in a girl with a dream. Thank you for putting your name on this project. Thank you for being so caring. Your heart and passion comes through in your work, and that is a wonderful thing.

For anyone interested in discussing options for a project you have in mind, visit M7 Web Studios at this website