So, Christmas time is a wonderful time of year, but it is also a very busy time of the year. To take a little pressure of my fantastic writers, I’m going to use December as a time to brag about the awesome people who have made IML possible. I like to call this series “Letters to the IML Believers.”
The first person I’m going to brag about is someone I’ve known my whole life. My cousin Noah has been one of IML’s biggest cheerleaders. Noah was the mind behind the design for my logo, and I love it more and more everyday!

So, who is Noah?

Noah is a 18 yr old senior. Noah is a rock star.

He hasn’t stopped talking since the day he first spoke. I remember being a kid and our grandma would make us play the quiet game. Whoever could stay quietest the longest won a quarter (um…ya!!!). I’m pretty sure Noah never lasted more than 15 seconds. Ever. That’s one of the things I love about him, though. He is straight up FEARLESS.

Also, he has always known who he is while some people can spend their whole lives trying to figure that out. Anyone who has known Noah for more than 2 minutes knows how much he loves animals. He found his life passion before he could walk. (hello?? another thing of which I’m INSANELY jealous.) Dreaming big, he has been working at the San Antonio Zoo for years, starting as a volunteer and moving his way up. Now, he’s looking to go to one of the top schools in Texas to continue his education and do wonderful things. He’s insanely smart, talented, and hardworking.

On top of all that, Noah is like a magnet. He attracts all sorts of people to him. I was telling my dad the other day that Noah has this sense for all things awesome. Before something even becomes “a thing,” you know that Noah’s already had it for like a month.

This is one reason why I wanted to tell him about I Made Lemonade before I got too serious about it. I knew I liked the idea, but I also knew that I’ve never been too good at creating anything. Knowing I had his support, gave me that little push I needed. Every time I show him a t-shirt design or share an idea for an event or book, he lights up with that smile.

I really hope you know how much your support means to me, Noah. I hope you never lose that light in you. I hope you always stay fearless.