by Emi Silguero

Growing up, talent has always been a huge influence in my life, whether it be music, art, photography, sports, tattoos, fashion and so on. I have so much respect for someone who could dunk a basketball, draw a portrait, or even play a song by ear on guitar. You see, I have always been “good” at things but I felt I was never “great” at anything. Growing up I dabbled in football, basketball, skateboarding, music and other hobbies over time. It wasn’t until I picked up a camera when I really found a true passion for what I saw through that lens. I started taking pictures every chance I got. Blogging about the things I saw on a daily basis. That was when I decided to use the gift God has given me to glorify him. Although I felt I wasn’t the “best” at what I did, as long as I did it for Him then it didn’t matter.

Over the course of about two years I kept up with taking pictures for all types of clients. Portraits, promotions, parties, cars, landscape and even food were all subjects I’d photograph and write about. However, certain clients took the “fun” out of something I was really passionate about, but my bitterness did not allow me to minister to those who needed it like I should.

That was when I decided to sell all my photography equipment and invest in a clothing line. Something with a message, something that people relate to and not be ashamed to wear. ¬†That was when “My Lifted Lifestyle” the blog turned into “Lifted Lifestyle” the brand. I felt that this would allow me to express my beliefs on a larger scale to everyone and anyone who wanted to listen. With social media, the sky is the limit. I have been able to reach tons of people asking about “Lifted Lifestyle” due to my hashtag “#StayLifted”. Most people who look at me would never suspect me to be a Christian. Gauges in my ears and tattoos covering about 60% of my body, I can relate to many who feel like they are an outcast from “Christians”. The hashtag I use was on purpose to gain exposure to those who are not saved. Many who use the same hashtag refer to getting high on marijuana. I have been ridiculed by many on who I am reaching out to. I have been told that I shouldn’t set my focus on those who follow the “high life”. My main focus is find those who are desperately seeking answers, just like me. I was never into drugs, as a matter of fact, I was straightedge for over 10 years. I feel everyone should be given the opportunity to give their life to Christ without every having to worry about where they came from. One thing I learned, no sin is greater than the other and we are not to judge those who sin differently than ourselves.

Since we have started the brand in March of 2015, we have witnessed hundreds of individuals give their life to Jesus. Not because they like our shirts but because they love Jesus. Not everyone who reaches out to us buys a shirt, but everyone who reaches out to us hears a message. I am happy and proud to say that we have been a great influence on many. We try to be that light to those who live in darkness.
Our mission isn’t to get rich on earth because we know our riches are waiting for us in Heaven. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and to build a worldwide team by seeking those who have talent and use it to glorify God. Nothing greater than someone who is great at what they do, and use that platform to give God ALL THE GLORY!

So just when you feel you are not the “best” at something, remember WHATEVER you’re passionate about, go for it, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. If you use it to glorify God, nothing can stand against you. Just when I thought I wasn’t good enough, I made the best lemonade you could every imagine with God as the main ingredient. #StayLifted #LLbrand