By Lucy G.

I was on my honeymoon in Cancun Mexico, enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze, beautiful scenery all around me, and the sand that felt so good under my feet. I was proud of the new bathing suit that I had special ordered from a plus size catalog. Being a large woman for most of my life, I’ve most always had to go to special department stores for my clothing. Most women might be self conscious about size and shape, but I never was one to let others opinions of me keep me from enjoying life.

I was under a “palapa” (a palm-leafed umbrella) enjoying the sun, when suddenly this woman I’ve never met, approached me. She asked, “Where on earth did you get a suit to fit you?”

Well, because I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I took it as a compliment, whether she meant it that way or not.

I thanked her for noticing me and explained how happy I was with my brand new beautiful bathing suit.
She just giggled and went on her way. I didn’t  let it bother me. I just kept on enjoying the day.

Of course I’m doing the best I can to help my body be as healthy as it can be. While I’m working on that goal I must not hide from life but enjoy it to the fullest.

Let God’s opinion be the one you pay the most attention to, and do your best with what you have.